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I do what is called "affiliate marketing". It is a process, where as an affiliate, I drive sales to certain sites, such as AMAZON and WALMART.  It doesn't change prices for the customers that click through the links, in fact, you wont even notice a difference. What I will say, it takes a lot of work to set up. So, if you want to bookmark my site, and when you decided to buy something from Amazon.com, Walmart.com or another one of my affiliates, just simply, click through my link to get to their homepage, and guess what, I make a few dollars, and I will keep preaching the Gospel, encouraging others, and trying to support those who are supporting me, in the form of donations to missions, GOFUNDME pages of those that need help, outreaches to the community, and many other types of work that is increasing the overall good of the followers of my site!

Often times, we see people that have an outreach, and need a few bucks, or maybe an unexpected medical expense.  As a MyLooneyBin community, I would love to use a portion of our earnings to give back.

So, if you shop on AMAZON, or WALMART, or one of my other affiliates, don't forget to stop by and be part of the team.  I will post blogs about the people, and causes we support!

Please join the team, and THANK YOU!

Our Story

I have a deep love for what Christ has done in my life.  He has motivated me, and most importantly, saved me to an eternal life in Heaven with God the Father!

One of our Goals is Encouragement!


Yes, my goal is to encourage and motivate you, but to be honest, although I may be able to encourage you for a time, the storms will come.  There is really no way to think that as a human you can survive and sustain yourself through human motivation.  All of my encouragement is Biblically based, and therefore to thrive to its full potential, requires a faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Will you be encouraged?  Yes.  Will you be better for it?  Yes.  But will you be living to the potential that God has created you for ... NO!  The problem is, if you only believe in yourself, or in people, when they fail, you have no answer.  But as a Christian, we understand that Sin entered the world through Adam, and that by nature, humans will fail, and it is only a trust and faith in He who is perfect that allows us to press through the most perilous of times!

So please, read, and be encouraged, but of the most importance to me is that you might consider Christ as your Savior.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.  Do not hesitate!!

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Here's the 20 BEST FEMALE ICONS voted by you! 😀 You have been almost 14.000 voters <3 Thank you for participating and enjoy the video! Full results of the poll here: goo.gl/sZHwDq #PopIcons #femaleicons #iconic

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How does this kid do this?! 😲😲

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