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I do what is called "affiliate marketing". It is a process, where as an affiliate, I drive sales to certain sites, such as AMAZON and WALMART.  It doesn't change prices for the customers that click through the links, in fact, you wont even notice a difference. What I will say, it takes a lot of work to set up. So, if you want to bookmark my site, and when you decided to buy something from, or another one of my affiliates, just simply, click through my link to get to their homepage, and guess what, I make a few dollars, and I will keep preaching the Gospel, encouraging others, and trying to support those who are supporting me, in the form of donations to missions, GOFUNDME pages of those that need help, outreaches to the community, and many other types of work that is increasing the overall good of the followers of my site!

Often times, we see people that have an outreach, and need a few bucks, or maybe an unexpected medical expense.  As a MyLooneyBin community, I would love to use a portion of our earnings to give back.

So, if you shop on AMAZON, or WALMART, or one of my other affiliates, don't forget to stop by and be part of the team.  I will post blogs about the people, and causes we support!

Please join the team, and THANK YOU!

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Click through any of these affiliate links and go straight to your favorite shopping page.

(You may need to lower your ad blocking, or just add my page to your exceptions list!  Thanks) USA, LLC