America’s Got Talent 2018 – Howie’s Golden Buzzer – Week 3

America's Got Talent 2018

Howie's Golden Buzzer - Week 3


America's Got Talent is cruising right along, and if it's not some deformed caterpillar getting 4 X's, it might just be a dance group or artist getting the go ahead to the next round.  We had singers and flames, graphics and ballerinas.  Oh, wait, and a really weird show act.

If you ask me the technology won the day, but there were so many acts, it's hard to choose.

So far, we saw Tyra hand out her golden buzzer to one of the most acrobatic groups we have seen participate on the America's Got Talent stage.  Week two gave us Simon's golden buzzer.  Simon fell in love with the story and song of Micheal Ketterer.  And now, Week 3, Howie joins the team giving his Golden Buzzer to 13 year old singer, Courtney Hadwin, and her AMAZING performance of Hard to Handle most notably from the Black Crowes.  Check it out below!

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