An AGT Merry Christmas – Darci, Angelica and More!


An AGT Merry Christmas

Darci, Angelica and More!

Well, here in the US, Christmas is just about upon us, and with the AGT season still fresh in our minds, several of the stars have been making their rounds at local and national events.  The winner, Darci Lynne, and runner-up, Angelica Hale, seem to be putting in the lions share of the work, but we have also heard from other artists such as finalist Celine Tam.

These girls are globe trotting and belting out some of the best Christmas performances of the year.  From Darci and Petunia singing, 'Merry Little Christmas', to Angelica singing 'O Holy Night'.

I have included a couple of videos below for you to enjoy, and thank you and Merry Christmas from all of us here at My Looney Bin.  Sign up for our blogs, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on YouTube.  Thanks again!!

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