Angelica Hale sings “All I Want for Christmas” – AMAZING!!


Angelica Hale sings ‘All I Want for Christmas’


Christmas and Hallmark go together like, well, Angelica and singing!   There isn’t really a lot to say about this other than this is surely going on my YouTube Christmas play list!!!!

Decide for your self.  Not too many artists, young or old, are able to sing live the way Angelica does.  How refreshing is it to hear a beautiful voice sing a beautiful song without auto-tuning or a bunch of yelling and unnecessary runs!!

Angelica Hale has become a household name with her friend and winner of the America’s Got Talent show, Darci Lynne Farmer.  If you haven’t heard Angelica Hale sing, take a listen to this live performance of ‘All I Want for Christmas’.  This was all part of the days event’s for the special ran for Hallmark.

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