Could This Song Have Won Angelica 1st on AGT?


Could This Song Have Won

Angelica 1st on AGT?


The dust has settled since Angelica Hale was left in tears on the America's Got Talent stage as they announced Darci Lynne Farmer the winner of this years competition.  From the moment we saw Angelica and Darci, we knew it would come down to the Finals before we would know who the champion would be.

Darci continued to up her game with new puppets and new material, and we were left wondering if Angelica would catch fire one more time.  So, when the finals rolled around, many second guessed Angelica's song choice of "Symphony".  Sure it was a great song, but was there a different song in her arsenal that would have been more familiar with the audience, maybe a song that allowed her to show her range and power?  Would a song like that have swayed enough voters to change the final count?

They are all just question, and both girls did a great job, and it is a shame AGT couldn't have two winners, because to the fans, we all won!

But, I'm still left wondering, could a produced version of Rihanna's "Diamonds" been the song that made the difference?

Listen to Angelica as she sang it at home just weeks before AGT, and let me know what you think.

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