Darci and Angelica Perform In Vegas – Live Footage!


Darci and Angelica Perform In Vegas

Live Footage!

Finally we have some footage of what the show looks like in Vegas!  The footage in the video is a bit raw, due to being done from the crowd with a cell phone, but man, what a glimpse of what appears to be one great show!!!

From all accounts, Preacher Lawson starts the show followed by Light Balance, with Angelica and then Darci closing out the nights events.

Darci and puppet, Edna put on quite a show for all those in attendance.  Angelica already had wowed the crowd with what sounds like one of her best performances yet.  She is only getting better.

America's Got Talent really came through this year with a duet that can keep crowds entertained and engaged for years to come!

Can't wait till they make it out to my town!!

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