Darci Lynne sings ‘Merry Little Christmas’


Darci Lynne sings ‘Merry Little Christmas’


This Christmas, the America’s Got Talent crew is going all out!  Check out this private little performance that Darci Lynne gives for the Hearing Hearts Foundation.  Darci continues to give back to her OKC family.  She has become a superstar and continuously gives back, and that’s just one more reason we lover her!!!

Decide for your self.  Not too many artists, young or old, are able to perform the way Darci Lynne does.

Darci Lynne has become a household name with her friend and runner up on America’s Got Talent show, Angelica Hale.  If you haven’t heard Darci Lynne sing and perform, take a listen to this live performance of ‘Merry Little Christmas’.  This was all part of the days event’s for the special ran for Hallmark.

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