Dragonball Super 111 Review


Dragonball Super 111 Review


Hey all, All Funnies and Games is back with our review of Dragonball Super episode 111. Spoilers ahead, in case you didn't know.

So now, we have the answer to the question of what's next after the hype train's come and gone. The answer, let's take Goku's two biggest enemies at the moment and just throw 'em at each other. The episode begins with Frieza giving Goku a jolt of energy to recover. This was maybe a little predictable, but it still had a fun parallelism with Frieza and Goku's first fight on planet Namek.

From there, we're back to the fight between Hit and Jiren. Jiren can move fast enough to face Ultra-Instinct Goku, while Hit can use the powerful time skip to alter time to his advantage in a fight. The battle plays out in a cinematically creative style that evokes the time-altering effects at play. Hit's strategy is hinted at in comments about his ability to store up skipped time, as well as the fact that he keeps using time skip even when it doesn't seem to work.

Meanwhile, we see Vegeta fighting Ribrianne; and Ribrianne needing encouragement to stay in the fight after getting a sound beat-down in the exchange.

The Vegeta/Ribrianne aside doesn't last long, and soon we see Hit's plan. He lands the one punch he needs in order to transfer the stored time energy of every time skip and freezes Jiren in his tracks. He states that he intends to hold Jiren until the end of the tournament, yet relents on that plan when Jiren's strength proves too much. As Jiren breaks the hold, Hit is knocked out of the arena, and Universe 6 loses a valuable asset in the fight.

Jiren's power was enough to break the hold of time itself, and all involved are left to wonder what, if anything, can defeat him. The tournament that began with 80 fighters is now reduced to 31. Universe 7 still leads with seven remaining fighters. Among the remaining universes, we see universe 2's love-inspired team under the guidance of Helles, our familiar universe 7, the almost familiar universe 6, the mechanized universe 3, the fearsome remnant from universe 11, and universe number 4 is also there. Personal Predictions:
1: Universe 4 will be the nest eliminated.
2: The Grand Priest is shady.
3: Freiza gets the Super Dragonballs.

. . . but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


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