Dragonball Super 112 Review


Dragonball Super 112 Review

Hey all, All Funnies and Games is back with our review of Dragonball Super episode 112: A Saiyan's Vow, Vegeta's Resolution. Spoilers Ahead.

This week opened with a somber, slow shot of those already gone from the tournament. It's hard not to recall the stakes of this fight, especially with the paired shots of Universe's 9 and 10's angels, mourning the erasure of their assigned universes. This, unfortunately, is followed by an unnecessary rehash of pretty obvious rules for the benefit of the omni-kings who are beginning to seem less child-like, and more goldfish-like.

Following this, Goku is attacked by the mechanical fighters of universe 3; and is clearly shown to still be physically drained by the fight with Jiren (Freiza's “generous” gift of energy notwithstanding). Meanwhile, Gohan and Piccolo engage with the Namekians of universe 6. Gohan rejects the idea of going to help his father, instead insisting that he can do more good in the fight with the Namekians. It's up in the air whether this is independent tactical thinking, or whether it's that old overconfidence resurfacing: time will tell. The few moments of Gohan and Piccolo versus the Namekians makes for some great fight animation for this episode.

Monna emerges to challenge Caulifla and Kale, but Cabba steps in to let them get away. In some way, he is convinced that Caulifla and Kale will be the best hope for universe 6, if only they can be held back as a secret weapon until later in the tournament. Cabba nearly falls of the stage to Monna, before being rescued and then physically and verbally beat down by Vegeta for not representing Saiyans well enough. It's here that we first hear Vegeta's plan to win the Super Dragonballs himself to wish back those eliminated in the tournament. Presumably, he intends to bring back at least the universe 6 Saiyans, and who knows who else. Interestingly, neither the Grand Priest nor either of the omni-kings calls out a rejection or condemnation of this plan, suggesting that they will not seek to interfere or undo such a wish.

Cabba regains his feet, learns Super Saiyan 2, and defeats Monna. However, Freiza steps up at the opportunity to actually fight against a Saiyan in this tournament, and easily sends Cabba over the edge. As the episode ends, Vegeta prepares to face Toppo, and Goku, rescued from the mechanical fighters of universe 3, squares off for round 2 against Caulifla.

Only 28 fighters remain. Universe 7's lead only grows with the elimination of Cabba. Universes 4 and 11 are both down to their last three members. Universe 6 is down to their final four. Universe 2 has five left. Universe 3 has six left; and Universe 7 holds the lead with seven members still in this fight.

Personal Predictions:
1: Universe 4 will be the nest eliminated.
2: The Grand Priest is shady.
3: Freiza gets the Super Dragonballs.
4: Kale will play a key, but supporting, role in Jiren's defeat.


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