Grace VanderWaal – Making the Best … AGT


Grace VanderWaal - Making the Best ...

Grace was the winner of Season 11 of America's Got Talent, but unlike many of the winners of these talent shows, Grace refuses to fade into the background!!!.

Grace and her ukelaile endeared themselves to the American public, got the Golden Buzzer, that put her into the final rounds, but America's love for her didn't die there, they continued to vote for her unique style and make her that Season 11 champ.

Most of the winners of these talent shows never really seem to get off the ground after that brief moment in the victory spot light, but you can remove Grace from the "15 minutes of fame" category and put her right into the "Superstar" column.

Grace already has a Chart topping album and several chart topping singles.  Check out her performance of "So Much More Than This" from her new album that she recently performed on the Today show.

Grace is breaking the mold, and making the best of her talent show victory, and that makes us all winners!!!

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