Simon Cowell – O.K. After Fall!


Simon Cowell - O.K. After Fall!


Simon appears to have had a relatively traumatic fall on Oct. 27,2017 in his London home.  It was serious enough that he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.  The news is reporting that he actually fell down a flight of stairs, and is probably very fortunate that the injuries weren't a bit more severe.  Simon was at home with his 3 year old son, and went to fetch a early morning glass of warm milk when he became dizzy and fainted at the top of the stairs, setting the morning events into motion.  His girlfriend and other son were in New York, but upon getting the news are returning to London.

We all know Simon from American Idol, X-Factor, and of course, America's Got Talent.  And, although Simon can be a bit controversial at times, he has a great following, and we never want to see someone get hurt.

Simon did receive a concussion, but was released from the hospital and should recover just fine at his home, but the injury will prevent him from attending the a live show one for the X-Factor.

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