A Total Solar Eclipse of the Heart … err, Sun 8/21/17!

A Total Solar Eclipse of the Heart … err, Sun 8/21/17!


Well, maybe you’re not old enough to remember Bonnie Tyler and her chart smashing single, Total Eclipse of the Heart, but you will have a chance to tell stories of this Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun if you plan right and you are ready.

On August 21st the skies will change, and the moon will blot out the light from the sun.  Now this isn’t necessarily super rare, but for us here in the US, this should be a real good view of a total solar eclipse.

The best viewing will be about a 70 mile arc from South Carolina to Oregon.  If you are from my current state, Colorado, the best view will be had a few hours north in Casper.  If you are in that path of total eclipse, you will get the best results, and an experience you wont soon forget!

During this eclipse, the moon should hide the sun, and you should only be able to see the exterior atmosphere of the sun, or the corona, to be more scientific!  You also will actually see darkness approach you as the occurrence progresses through its sequence.

The complete eclipse could, should last about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, so you should have time to get some good pictures.  Now, the further you are outside the optimal path, the less time you will have for this total eclipse, even down to just a couple of seconds, so if you're outside the path, arrive early, and be ready!

Here is a time chart.

Here is a graph of the arc.


Now, obviously you don’t want to go staring at the sun without some special equipment, so pick up a pair of solar viewing glasses.

Be safe, have fun, and make a trip of it.  It’s going to be Awesome!

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