The #1 Thing You Need To Do To Start Homesteading!

As you know if you have been with My Looney Bin for any amount of time, you know that we have put in the research for homesteading.  We have looked at other Homesteads, we are taking courses to get certified on goats, I mean we are doing everything a family living on .25 acres in the middle of the city can do to prepare ourselves for the transition.  So, when I give you this next piece of advice, let me assure you, it has come with plenty of thought and contemplation.  Instead of just typing it here, check out the short video below to find the answer, and please, take time to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on our adventure!

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Before you Homestead

What do you need to do before you decide if you want to start homesteading?  Well, the number one thing, is sit down and figure out why you are doing what you are doing.  Are you just infatuated with homesteading, started watching some YouTube videos, and now all of a sudden you think you can raise some chickens and goats, and a cow?  Are you just going through a mid-life crisis?  What is really driving your decision.  Do you just need to move and get out of where you are at?  Make sure before you change your entire life, you know that homesteading is what you want to do.  Do the research, put in the time, and then make the decision!   At My Looney Bin Homestead, we will go through each step, here on our blog, and on our YouTube channel, so please join us and follow along on our journey!

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My Looney Bin Looks to Homestead!

My Looney Bin Looks to Homestead!   That's right, we are adventuring out, giving up the city life and hoping to find our way out to the country, and to the open air.   There is a lot that will go into that journey, things like a job, a house, land, you name it, it has to change.  We will have to transition from the securities we have created over the past 20 years to the unknown we will face in the next 12 months.  Join us on our homesteading journey as we give up the fast pace and processed food and stake our claim to farm work and a fresh and healthy lifestyle!  Check out the video below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch all the latest on our adventure!

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Christ, Cows & Coffee – Choose Joy!

Christ, Cows & Coffee

Choose Joy!

Hi friends!✨ (and fellow Christ, Cow and Coffee Lovers!!)

Though this appears to be a simple phrase, truly carrying out the act of choosing joy on a regular basis takes work. Joy is not circumstantial. We’ve got to intentionally train our minds to seek out the positive in all situations. We must constantly remind ourselves of God and His love and goodness towards us. No matter the situation, despite our countless failures, He still wants us. He still loves us. He still died for us {Romans 5:8}. He still offers us the open invitation of salvation through His blood {Ephesians 1:7}, which can and will continuously cleanse us, if we simply obey Him and His plan. We will not truly find joy in our lives until we make THAT our source of joy. If you have been united with Him in baptism and are walking in the light of His will, cling to that joy of salvation through Him {1 John 1:7}. If you have not yet done so, or want to know more about it, message me and I’d love to talk with you and try to help you find True Joy {Psalm 16:11}.❤️

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Christ, Cows & Coffee – The Beginning

Christ, Cows & Coffee - The Beginning


Hi friends!✨ (and fellow Christ, Cow and Coffee Lovers!!)


• Welcome to the beginning!!!  Blog 1

• If you don't already know me, there are two things about me that you'll need to know: I LOVE photography & I tend to be a thinker. So, I have decided to make an attempt at combining the two & sharing them with you through my Instagram page, and here at "My Looney Bin".  So join me on this new and exciting adventure!

• My goal is not to use this as a “brain dump” for my thoughts, but to use it as an avenue to help me organize and take control of my thoughts {2 Corinthians 10:5}, as well as to hopefully encourage those of you who read along. I plan to simply write about whatever has been on my heart & mind, that I think others could relate to, with the intention of focusing on finding the positive & reminding us to strive to remain joyful in all circumstances {1 Thessalonians 5:16}. I want you to know that your comments are welcome! I’d love for you to share your thoughts, prayer requests, praises, & words of encouragement {1 Thessalonians 5:11, James 5:16}. I want this page to be an interactive place where you find encouragement for your Walk & comfort in knowing you are never alone.

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• Thanks so much for following my page! Feel free to tag & encourage your friends to follow as well!

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CBD vs. Inflammation: Winner CBD!!

CBD vs. Inflammation

Winner CBD!!

Disclaimer:  Please consult a qualified medical professional before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

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If you are familiar with CBD Oil, feel free to skip this paragraph, but if you are a new comer, PLEASE READ at least this paragraph before you click away.  As I talk to people about CBD, their number one response is, "I don't want to do drugs."  Now, lets just ignore the fact that most of these people are on several prescribed big pharma medicines, but to get to the intent of their comment, CBD oil is non-psychoactive (you don't get "high").  A quality CBD oil is either free of all THC, or contains less than .03% of THC.  In other words, it's basically a non-alcoholic beer, but unlike non-alcoholic beer, CBD oil still carries several positive characteristics.  So please, read on.

If you do any search on CBD oil, you will find countless references of how well it counteracts inflammation.  Now, if you are reading this, you have no doubt done research on your inflammation and what is going on inside your body.  CBD oil counteracts many of those processes in your body.

Check out this image of many processes in your body that cause inflamation.


study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in mice and rats, and as more results come in, people continue to testify to results they are experiencing in their own bodies as they receive relief from the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation through the use of CBD Oil.

Look, I am not going to break down all the CB1 and CB2 receptors, cytokines, and macrophages, you do the research, and I am sure you have done it.  But, if you would like, I have linked a detailed explanation on inflammation and CBD.  CBD and Inflammation: The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits Of Hemp Oil (honestly, this is a great study and article on the exact processes that are taking place with TONS of resources)

Guys, CBD Oil is a safe and effective way to get relief and sometimes even counteract these issues.  There are countless testimonies, but you hesitate, because you think, oh CBD, marijuana, it's dope.  NO IT IS NOT, it is a safe, natural alternative to the synthetic junk you are probably already taking that is causing countless side effects in your body.

And that leads me to my final point.  Currently, the side effects associated with CBD oil are almost non existent.  I will be honest, in the whole scheme of things CBD Oil is still relatively new, but as study results poor in, all we find are constant results with no side effects.  Some reported possible side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and dry mouth,but as always, consult a physician or doctor before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

Please ask me question at our CBD Oil Facebook Page and CBD Oil YouTube Page.

There are millions of places you can get CBD Oil, and I have done lots of research and found Isodiol, it carries a 100% THC free line of CBD Oils and creams.  They also offer a rewards program after your very first purchase that will allow you to earn rewards point.  You can earn reward points on others that might buy through your referral.  Those reward points can also be turned to CASH.  Please join our CBD Oil Facebook Page  and ask any questions you might have about this program.

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What is CBD oil? Is it really an alternative? Is it Safe?

What is CBD oil?

Is it really an alternative? Is it Safe?


Disclaimer:  Please consult a qualified medical professional before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

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What is CBD oil?  Is it a viable and safe alternative to BIG Pharma?  Those are great questions, and what about, "Will I get high taking it?".  I am going to do my best to answer all of those questions and even more in this very short blog, so here we go!

First things first, why would I even take CBD, what's it good for?  Well, we have all seen or at least heard of CBD oil providing relief for major medical issues, such as, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer and chronic pain, just to name few.  But, CBD has global effects on your body working with the endocannabinoid system regulating the body’s homeostasis, or general state of balance, impacting such functions as mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain and immune response.  Hormone issues and Auto Immune problems are starting to get recognized as people continue to have issues that doctors can't pinpoint.  As more people seek solutions, we are finding that CBD oil is one of the best treatments available to combat these problems. So, who doesn't want to sleep better, be more positive, learn how to relax, and just be pain free and healthy.

Bob Marley may not be a big fan of CBD, because you know what?, there will be no 'mile high experience' when taking a quality CBD Oil/Hemp Oil product.  The euphoric causing component of "weed" or marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.  A quality CBD oil does not contain THC, or at least only trace amounts.  I recommend going with an oil that has been checked to be THC free.  It is the first sign in a quality production process.  You should also check to ensure your CBD oil is non-GMO, and organic.  These too, lend to the quality of product and production, therefore rendering a truer and more authentic experience in your use of CBD products.

Well, what is it, what is CBD oil, or Hemp oil.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids presently identified in the cannabis plant and is the second most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana after THC.  In hemp, however, THC is only present in trace amounts, while CBD dominates the plant’s makeup.   Finding a quality product can usually be determined by their guarantee of how free the product is of THC.  CBD interacts with our naturally occurring systems, but is non-psychotropic, it doesn’t cause a high. This makes it a safer, less controversial alternative, while still offering significant health benefits.

One of the biggest questions is the most obvious, is it safe?  It goes without saying, but i will say it anyway.  You should ALWAYS talk to your doctor before taking ANY medication, that includes CBD oil.  With that said, here are some facts we found.  CBD is thought to be well-tolerated and safe for human consumption. According to WebMD, “CBD doses of up to 300 mg daily have been used safely for up to 6 months. Higher doses of 1200-1500 mg daily have been used safely for up to 4 weeks.” There have been some reports of dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness, the health information site reports.

A research review investigating CBD side effects and safety found that CBD had no adverse physiological effect on the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • Glucose levels
  • pH levels
  • Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and bloodstream
  • Red blood cell volume
  • Time it takes for food to leave stomach and travel through the intestines
  • Vomiting action
  • Potassium and sodium levels

So, if you are tired of Big Pharma pushing pills on you that only require more pills and more money, CBD oil may be an alternative that you want to investigate.  Be safe and be healthy.

Please ask me question at our CBD Oil Facebook Page and CBD Oil YouTube Page.

There are millions of places you can get CBD Oil, and I have done lots of research and found Isodiol, it carries a 100% THC free line of CBD Oils and creams.  They also offer a rewards program after your very first purchase that will allow you to earn rewards points on every purchase.  You can also earn reward points on others that might buy through your referral.  Those reward points can also be turned to CASH.  Please join our CBD Oil Facebook Page  and ask any questions you might have about this program.

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MMA – Bellator 184 – Let’s Talk Fights!

Bellator 184

Let's Talk Fights!

It's going to be another great weekend of MMA between Bellator and UFC, to include 3 title fights, and a few others where a fighter will be hoping to make a big splash in the standings.

Bellator 184 will take place Friday October the 6th at the Global Events Center at Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK, and feature Eduardo Dantas vs. Darrion Caldwell for the Bantamweight World Title.  Bellator will be televised free on Spike starting at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Bellator 184 will start the weekend with an excellent card, and the battle between Bellator and UFC on who has the best fighters seems to be heating up.  I am still not sure its really a conversation, but when Larkin came to Bellator after a nice stint in the UFC, and immediately got laid out with a heavy dose of Semtex, it at least creates a little banter for MMA fans.  In Bellator's headlining bout of the night, another figure that might be in that argument for UFC talent, we will see Eduardo Dantas defend his strap against the up and coming Darrion Caldwell.

Eduardo is coming in on a 4 fight win streak that includes 3 title defenses.  In fact, since 2012, Eduardo has only fought once inside the Bellator Cage that didn't involve a Championship Belt.  So, the belt is involved again, and with maybe the exception of Eduardo's first meeting with Joe Warren, in which he lost, his opponent this night will be another high level wrestler in Darrion Caldwell.  Caldwell will carry in a 10 and 1 record, with his only loss coming by way of a 3rd round guoilitine choke to Joseph Taimangle, that he immediately avengened in his next fight.

Ok, enough with the introductions though, how does this fight play out.  Both these guys love decisions, so, if there is money on this fight, bet the decision.  Eduardo will most likely do what he does best, control the range, and insert strikes where applicable.  The problem with that, is that Darrion is a very rangy opponent, with matching speed and range.  Eduardo will be the better striker, and if he can keep this fight standing for the majority of 3 rounds, he should be able to win the decision on the judges scorecards.  Darrion, I am sure, will do everything he can to prevent that from happening, but Eduardo is more mature and more skilled than most of us might think.  The money is on Eduardo to win this one, and so am I.

Next up will be the always exciting, and  two-time Featherweight champion Daniel Straus vs. Emmanuel Sanchez.  Daniel Straus is a whirl wind waiting to explode in the cage.  This guy is dynamic and exciting, and is worth the possible 15 minutes of your life.  You literally have to go back to March of 2009 to find a loss on Daniel Straus's record that doesn't involve Pat Curran or Patricio Freire, and if you want to get real technical, and you want to take out NSF, dude hasn't lost to anyone besides those two guys since he was an amateur.  Daniel Straus is the real deal, but two people, Pat Curran and Patricio seem to have his number.  Now, Emmanuel Sanchez thinks he has Daniel's number.  Emmanuel better recheck that caller ID, because, although Emmanuel brings in a shiny record at 15-3, he hasn't really tangled with the level of fighter that Daniel is, and when he has, he has lost.  Stylistically these guys are not too far off from each other, and Daniel is just better right now.  Daniel will pick up the decision in this one.

The rest of the card shapes up as follows:


  • Eduardo Dantas vs. Darrion Caldwell TITLE FIGHT
  • Daniel Straus vs. Emmanuel Sanchez
  • Pat Curran vs. John Macapa
  • Joe Taimanglo vs. Leandro Higo


  • Steve Kozola vs. Carrington Banks
  • Justin Patterson vs. Chance Rencountre
  • Manny Muro vs. Emmanuel Rivera
  • Sean Holden vs. Shakir McKillup
  • DeMarcus Simmons vs. Jarod Trice
  • Ray Jones vs. Ernest James

We would be remiss if we didn't at least mention the Pat Curran vs. John Macapa fight.  Pat Curran is one of the most dynamic fighters to watch in any mixed martial arts organization, but he is coming off a relatively long layoff after receiving a punctured lung in his last fight, that, oh by the way, he finished and won.  John Macapa won't allow him any time to shake off the ring rust.  Macapa is coming for the top and although he is coming of a loss to Daniel Weichel, Macapa plans to make some noise.  John is the king of the split decision, he has 4 in the last 5 fights.  So I expect this one to be close, but the experience of Pat will pay off in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Look for a split decision win for Pat as he makes his climb back to the top.

Well, leave a comment, let me know what you think, and then join us on Facebook at Ground Zero MMA.

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MMA – Unretired? Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

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Unretired? Anthony "Rumble" Johnson


In case you missed it, word on the street has it that Rumble and crew are inquiring about a return to the UFC, and if you think about it, why did he ever quit?  Johnson was 12-2 in his last 14 fights, with the only 2 losses coming to Daniel Cormier, yea, and that guy ... well, he is still the champ!

Now personally, I am thinking, maybe cut a few pounds, and the UFC Middleweight division is ripe for his KO power, but it looks like his manager Ali Abdelaziz is meeting with the UFC to discuss a possible comeback fight at heavyweight.  Ali announced that info on an episode of the MMA Hour.

I'm an old schooler from Colorado, and have met Anthony a few times, he actually came to a gym where we practiced eating a burger.  At the time, he had just recently missed weight for one of his WW match-ups.  These weight misses may have been the reason for his brief departure from the UFC.

No matter though, watching this guy fight was and still is one of the most exciting moments you experience in MMA.  (Check out his highlight video, below!)  At any moment, you know that something extremely violent could take place.  Of his last 11 wins, 9 have been TKO or KO, and his last 5 wins, they are straight up KO's!

I am not so surprised that Anthony is considering a comeback at age 33, but disappointed that he ever hung up the gloves.

Regardless of the weight issues this guys has had, he is always one of my favorite fighters to watch, and if he wants to step in the cage with the likes of Alistair Overeem, you can bet I'll be front and center!!

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MMA – UFC Fight Night and Bellator 183

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MMA - UFC Fight Night and Bellator 183

Well, well, well, we don't get just one free event this weekend, but we will get two!

UFC Fight Night (Japan) will be free on  FS1, and of course Bellator 183 will air free on Spike TV as usual.  And, between the two, we might have just enough entertainment where we feel like we got a free PPV.  We'll have names like Okami, Saint Preux, Roy Nelson, Ben Henderson, Lorenz Larkin, Gomi, Daley, Hyun Kim, and Andrade, so there will be no lack of past, present and future talent on display this weekend.


Bellator 183

In my opinion, I am a little more excited for the Bellator card than I am for the UFC card.  The fight I am most looking forward to is the Lorenz Larkin vs. Paul Daley.  Semtex is 6-2 in his last 8 fights, and has racked up 5 KO or TKO stoppages in those fights.  This guy brings the "bombs" if you will.  Lorenz is 4-2 in his last 6 with wins over UFC stars like Neil Magny and Jorge Masvidal.  I expect nothing but highlight real footage from these two monsters, and they didn't even rate Main or Co-Main event status!

The Main Event for the Bellator card pits long time UFC standout and former champ Ben Henderson against yet another Freire brother.  He recently beat Patricio by TKO due to an injury, and now will fight Patricky Freire.  This fight, also should contain plenty of highlight reel footage, but since his loss to Anthony Pettis, it just seems like we haven't quite ever seen the old "Smoooooth" Ben Henderson.

The Co-Main Event for the card features another UFC defector in Roy Nelson.  Roy hasn't necessarily been lighting up the win column, but he continues to entertain.  He will be Javy (Javier) Ayala.  Javy has been impressive in his last 8 fights compiling 4 KO/TKO, and 2 submission stoppages against only 2 losses.  With that said, even an old Roy Nelson will be his toughest test to date, so we will see how Javy handles the big light, and Big Country!

The remainder of the Main Card for Bellator 183 is as follows:


  • Ben Henderson vs. Patricky Freire
  • Roy Nelson vs. Javy Ayala
  • Lorenz Larkin vs. Paul Daley
  • Adam Piccolotti vs. Goiti Yamauchi
  • Aaron Pico vs. Justin Linn

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UFC Fight Night

This card will take place over in Japan, so be careful to protect yourself from spoilers depending on area and time zone.  And of course that gives credence to the Asian persuasion of this card.  In the main event, Okami will look to keep the home country on his side against Saint Preux.  Yushin has had an interesting run after being jettisoned from the UFC in 2013.  He has had some local (to him) fights, as well as a stint in the WSOF where his bid for a title belt came up short against Jon Fitch.  But make no mistake Yushin has won his last three fights, and is only 36, so he will be more than ready for Saint Preux.  Ovince needs this fight, he is 2-4 in his last 6 fights in the octagan, and with the exception of John Jones, and maybe Texiera, the names he has registered L's against aren't all that impressive.  Not to mention the two wins he has in that time span aren't necessarily noteworthy.  His last notable win was back in 2014 against Shogun.  Both fighters will be motivated, so this should be a great fight for the fans.

The Co-Main event will be a female matchup where we will see Claudia Gadelha vs. Jessica Andrade.  Andrade is a box of blackcats that you decide to just light instead of unravel.  She is coming of a loss to current champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk.  Make no mistake, Claudia is up for the challenge, she brings a 14-2 record to the table, and her only two losses?  You guessed it Joanna!  This should be a great event.  Both these girls want another shot at that title belt.  This fight should be the main, and probably would be if it was in Vegas.

Another thing to watch on this card is Gokhan Saki.  Gokhan is big out there, and if you are a Kickboxing fan, you know who this guy is.  Problem is, he hasn't really fought for a couple years, and, well, he is a kickboxer not a mixed martial artists, or at least he wasn't last time we saw him.  If Luiz Henrique da Silva decides to stand up for a while and test himself, we may see some huge fireworks in this one!

The rest of the UFC main card is as follows:


  • Yushin Okami vs. Ovince Saint Preux
  • Claudia Gadelha vs. Jessica Andrade
  • Takanori Gomi vs. Dong Hyun Kim
  • Gokhan Saki vs. Luiz Henrique da Silva
  • Teruto Ishihara vs. Rolando Dy
  • Charles Rosa vs. Mizuto Hirota

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