Before you Homestead

What do you need to do before you decide if you want to start homesteading?  Well, the number one thing, is sit down and figure out why you are doing what you are doing.  Are you just infatuated with homesteading, started watching some YouTube videos, and now all of a sudden you think you can raise some chickens and goats, and a cow?  Are you just going through a mid-life crisis?  What is really driving your decision.  Do you just need to move and get out of where you are at?  Make sure before you change your entire life, you know that homesteading is what you want to do.  Do the research, put in the time, and then make the decision!   At My Looney Bin Homestead, we will go through each step, here on our blog, and on our YouTube channel, so please join us and follow along on our journey!

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