CBD vs. Inflammation: Winner CBD!!

CBD vs. Inflammation

Winner CBD!!

Disclaimer:  Please consult a qualified medical professional before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

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If you are familiar with CBD Oil, feel free to skip this paragraph, but if you are a new comer, PLEASE READ at least this paragraph before you click away.  As I talk to people about CBD, their number one response is, "I don't want to do drugs."  Now, lets just ignore the fact that most of these people are on several prescribed big pharma medicines, but to get to the intent of their comment, CBD oil is non-psychoactive (you don't get "high").  A quality CBD oil is either free of all THC, or contains less than .03% of THC.  In other words, it's basically a non-alcoholic beer, but unlike non-alcoholic beer, CBD oil still carries several positive characteristics.  So please, read on.

If you do any search on CBD oil, you will find countless references of how well it counteracts inflammation.  Now, if you are reading this, you have no doubt done research on your inflammation and what is going on inside your body.  CBD oil counteracts many of those processes in your body.

Check out this image of many processes in your body that cause inflamation.


study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in mice and rats, and as more results come in, people continue to testify to results they are experiencing in their own bodies as they receive relief from the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation through the use of CBD Oil.

Look, I am not going to break down all the CB1 and CB2 receptors, cytokines, and macrophages, you do the research, and I am sure you have done it.  But, if you would like, I have linked a detailed explanation on inflammation and CBD.  CBD and Inflammation: The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits Of Hemp Oil (honestly, this is a great study and article on the exact processes that are taking place with TONS of resources)

Guys, CBD Oil is a safe and effective way to get relief and sometimes even counteract these issues.  There are countless testimonies, but you hesitate, because you think, oh CBD, marijuana, it's dope.  NO IT IS NOT, it is a safe, natural alternative to the synthetic junk you are probably already taking that is causing countless side effects in your body.

And that leads me to my final point.  Currently, the side effects associated with CBD oil are almost non existent.  I will be honest, in the whole scheme of things CBD Oil is still relatively new, but as study results poor in, all we find are constant results with no side effects.  Some reported possible side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and dry mouth,but as always, consult a physician or doctor before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

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