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Christ, Cows & Coffee

Choose Joy!

Hi friends!✨ (and fellow Christ, Cow and Coffee Lovers!!)

Though this appears to be a simple phrase, truly carrying out the act of choosing joy on a regular basis takes work. Joy is not circumstantial. We’ve got to intentionally train our minds to seek out the positive in all situations. We must constantly remind ourselves of God and His love and goodness towards us. No matter the situation, despite our countless failures, He still wants us. He still loves us. He still died for us {Romans 5:8}. He still offers us the open invitation of salvation through His blood {Ephesians 1:7}, which can and will continuously cleanse us, if we simply obey Him and His plan. We will not truly find joy in our lives until we make THAT our source of joy. If you have been united with Him in baptism and are walking in the light of His will, cling to that joy of salvation through Him {1 John 1:7}. If you have not yet done so, or want to know more about it, message me and I’d love to talk with you and try to help you find True Joy {Psalm 16:11}.❤️

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