ICYMI: The Weekend In Sports 9/17/17

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ICYMI: The Weekend In Sports 9/17/17

In case you missed it, you missed a lot this weekend.

To start with, we had us a good ole fashion boxing match, complete with rigged judging.  As America set back and watched Canelo and GGG, go toe to toe, the circus act of Mayweather vs. McGregor started to fade into the background, and we began to remember why we loved the sweet science so much.  The fighters went blow for blow delivering an old school exciting boxing match.  Memories started flooding back, and at the end of the fight, it was pretty apparent that GGG had done enough to win, and, well, boxing reminded us they were still boxing.  I wont ruin it for you, check out the video below.

And what about Texas vs. USC, they tried to bring back the flair of the 2006 Rose Bowl game where Texas pulled out the win for the National Championship, in one of the best games in college history.  The Herman led Texas Longhorns had a lot of hype going into the season, but a loss to Maryland put all that on the back burner.  But, it was a very exciting game, Texas had an array of miscues and missteps that added up to more than they could over come.  They may have been the better team on the field Saturday night, but USC held up their end of the deal and got out with a victory.  USC either played marginal, or Texas is starting to get better.  We will need a few more games to see how that shakes out.  From the highlight clip below, you can see Texas still has a long way to go!!

In all the Boxing, NFL and NCAAF, there was a UFC Fight Night.  Number 116 was fought where Luke Rockhold trying to make a return to championship form laid waste to the former 2 weight division champion of Bellator, David Branch.  Rockhold looked good, and is positioning for a shot at the title!

Last but not least, the NFL's game of the week with the Broncos and Cowboys.  The Cowboys looked great last week against the Giants, and the Broncos looked great for a half against the Chargers and then almost let it slip away in a late game on the west coast ... so, the casual observer would have assumed a Cowboy victory, maybe a close one, but a Cowboy victory none the less.  Well the casual observer was wrong, dead wrong!  Denver looked great, while the Cowboys looked pathetic.  I could have picked one several touchdown highlights to show you ...

Enjoy the weekend in sports and check back next week for ICYMI 9/24/17!

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