McGregor Vs. Mayweather – My 2 Cent Recap!


McGregor Vs. Mayweather

My 2 Cent Recap!


Ok, I can’t help it, why not ride the wave and give my 2 cents.  I think this fight plays out different depending on your age.  If you’re 30 maybe 35 or older, you saw one thing, and if you are younger, you saw something else.

I will be honest, I literally thought I was watching the final fight scene from Rocky III.  There’s Rocky, just letting Clubber Lang burn out, and then, Rocky starts putting in the work.

I believe Mayweather understood that the only way McGregor wins is with a punch, Conor had a ‘punchers chance’, and that was it.  Mayweather got in there, protected himself, burned McGregor out a bit, and when Floyd felt he was out of danger, he began to pick McGregor apart.

The rules prevented a standing 8 count, and at the point of the stoppage, it was continuing to get worse and worse for McGregor.  I think the American/World audience saw more than enough to know that, confined in its rule base, the sweet science takes a life to master.  Some have natural ability, but it still takes desire and practice.

And for those that say, well if it was MMA – yea, it wasn’t, and yea we already knew that.  That’s dumb, it was boxing, and anyone that gave Conor more than a ‘punchers chance’, well, maybe the ref let one of their fights go a little too long.

Enjoy the highlights below, and thanks for reading.  Leave me a comment if you got something to say!!

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