MMA – Unretired? Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

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Unretired? Anthony "Rumble" Johnson


In case you missed it, word on the street has it that Rumble and crew are inquiring about a return to the UFC, and if you think about it, why did he ever quit?  Johnson was 12-2 in his last 14 fights, with the only 2 losses coming to Daniel Cormier, yea, and that guy ... well, he is still the champ!

Now personally, I am thinking, maybe cut a few pounds, and the UFC Middleweight division is ripe for his KO power, but it looks like his manager Ali Abdelaziz is meeting with the UFC to discuss a possible comeback fight at heavyweight.  Ali announced that info on an episode of the MMA Hour.

I'm an old schooler from Colorado, and have met Anthony a few times, he actually came to a gym where we practiced eating a burger.  At the time, he had just recently missed weight for one of his WW match-ups.  These weight misses may have been the reason for his brief departure from the UFC.

No matter though, watching this guy fight was and still is one of the most exciting moments you experience in MMA.  (Check out his highlight video, below!)  At any moment, you know that something extremely violent could take place.  Of his last 11 wins, 9 have been TKO or KO, and his last 5 wins, they are straight up KO's!

I am not so surprised that Anthony is considering a comeback at age 33, but disappointed that he ever hung up the gloves.

Regardless of the weight issues this guys has had, he is always one of my favorite fighters to watch, and if he wants to step in the cage with the likes of Alistair Overeem, you can bet I'll be front and center!!

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