Movie Rental Review – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 

The sword being Excalibur. Spoiler alert! Apparently Arthur didn't always have Excalibur.

There are many installments to the story of King Arthur and his amazing sword. It's been awhile since anyone has revisited this deep, twisting tale. In 2004 an adaptation introduces us to Guinevere. I recommend Excalibur from 1981, but don't expect that story to be retold here.

This version of Camelot takes us to the meager beginnings of Arthur. Arthur. Don't expect any other characters you're used to when thinking of King Arthur. That was okay though, Charlie Hunnam is easy to look at. Problem is that this movie is not for the true Arthurian fan. Where the list of characters we're used to lacks, there are some that fill the void with familiarity and humor.
I am disappointed in not seeing Merlin or Morgana (Although, I believe the 'Mage' is suspect. ), but Bedivere is among our friends here.

Guy Ritchie wrote and directed Legend of the Sword and it is entertaining. You might get lost a few times in this epic length event, but you always find your way back to the Lady in the Lake...

The movie is long but goes fast. Full of swashbuckling adventure, funny English quips, and roguish good looks.

My take? It's not the best movie told about King Arthur or the Sword in the Stone, but it is a fantastic summer buy/rental before going back to school!

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