The Blade Runner Returns – 2019 to 2049 – Updated Trailers

The Blade Runner Returns -

2019 to 2049


How do you replace Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer?  If you really don't know why I am starting off asking that question, don't worry, I have included a small video of the original 1982 Blade Runner that starred the dynamic pair.  But really, how do you replace them?  Well, you start by bringing one of them back.

Harrison Ford will co-star in this sequel to the 1982 version set in 2019, and return as the original 'Blade Runner' that was assigned to eliminate 'replicants'.   First, though, he must be searched out by fellow actor Ryan Gosling, playing an active LAPD Officer, 'K'.  Officer 'K' has dug up some interesting information, and decides that Rick Deckard is the only one that might be able to shed some light on his new findings.

Back in 1982, Blade Runner was on the front edge of movies moving from just filming to movies including CGI.  Not to mention the 'replicant' or cyborg concept.  Now these things are standard fair in our movies.  But, the thought of another Blade Runner is still extremely exciting, and there is plenty that was left from the original to provide a compelling, suspenseful, and action packed movie.

I'm a Harrison Ford fan, so I will be there.  I hope my expectations aren't too high!

Check out the Trailers below, then leave a comment, tell me what you think.

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The Original from 1982

And, of course, the Latest!

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