Transformers 5: The Last Knight – Released to video Review!


Transformers 5: The Last Knight

Released to video Review!

Our world's greatest hero becomes our fiercest enemy when Optimus Prime launches a mission to save Cybertron by destroying Earth. Now Bumblebee and Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) must lead the Autobots in the ultimate battle to save mankind.
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins
Runtime: 2 hours, 34 minutes

The movie starts out a little cheesy with an addition of Templar Knights, and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. If that's not cheesy enough for you, you'll want to turn it off when Merlin is presented as a major dork.  The digs for laughs in this movie can sometimes be a bit over done.  But, make it through the first few minutes of cheese and you will get drawn into the constant action and quippy comedy.  At a little over 2 1/2 hours, you wonder if it's too long and drawn out.  Let me answer that for you ... Uh, NO!  Not even a little bit.  There is so much content it could have run out a little longer, but you can't pause in the movie theater. You can on the recently released to video!
Make sure you pay close attention, unfortunately the good laughs are piled up very closely.  When you start laughing at one comment, "shut it", because if you don't, you might just miss the next one.  Like the other Transformer movies before it, this one is jam packed with action, so don't close your eyes or you'll miss action and a half!

Recommended no miss scene:  The awesome sequence of Bumble Bee transforming. Slow mo in classic Michael Bay form!   Major thumbs up.  Anthony Hopkins can make any movie epic so don't miss his amazing performance.

Buy it today on Amazon.

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ICYMI: The Weekend In Sports 9/17/17

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ICYMI: The Weekend In Sports 9/17/17

In case you missed it, you missed a lot this weekend.

To start with, we had us a good ole fashion boxing match, complete with rigged judging.  As America set back and watched Canelo and GGG, go toe to toe, the circus act of Mayweather vs. McGregor started to fade into the background, and we began to remember why we loved the sweet science so much.  The fighters went blow for blow delivering an old school exciting boxing match.  Memories started flooding back, and at the end of the fight, it was pretty apparent that GGG had done enough to win, and, well, boxing reminded us they were still boxing.  I wont ruin it for you, check out the video below.

And what about Texas vs. USC, they tried to bring back the flair of the 2006 Rose Bowl game where Texas pulled out the win for the National Championship, in one of the best games in college history.  The Herman led Texas Longhorns had a lot of hype going into the season, but a loss to Maryland put all that on the back burner.  But, it was a very exciting game, Texas had an array of miscues and missteps that added up to more than they could over come.  They may have been the better team on the field Saturday night, but USC held up their end of the deal and got out with a victory.  USC either played marginal, or Texas is starting to get better.  We will need a few more games to see how that shakes out.  From the highlight clip below, you can see Texas still has a long way to go!!

In all the Boxing, NFL and NCAAF, there was a UFC Fight Night.  Number 116 was fought where Luke Rockhold trying to make a return to championship form laid waste to the former 2 weight division champion of Bellator, David Branch.  Rockhold looked good, and is positioning for a shot at the title!

Last but not least, the NFL's game of the week with the Broncos and Cowboys.  The Cowboys looked great last week against the Giants, and the Broncos looked great for a half against the Chargers and then almost let it slip away in a late game on the west coast ... so, the casual observer would have assumed a Cowboy victory, maybe a close one, but a Cowboy victory none the less.  Well the casual observer was wrong, dead wrong!  Denver looked great, while the Cowboys looked pathetic.  I could have picked one several touchdown highlights to show you ...

Enjoy the weekend in sports and check back next week for ICYMI 9/24/17!

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Canelo Alvarez Vs. Gennady Golovkin – Just The Facts …

Canelo Alvarez Vs. Gennady Golovkin

Just The Facts ...


On Saturday September the 16th, we will finally see our first highly anticipated boxing match in a long time.  No, Mayweather vs. McGregor was not anticipated for the boxing community.  It was a cash grab, and it worked flawlessly.

From the circus to the serious, Canelo vs. GGG should provide us with the entertainment boxing enthusiasts have been hoping to see for several years.

Alvarez will be moving up to 160lbs to take on the unified champion in Golovkin.

Alvarez hasn't lost a match since is majority decision loss to Mayweather back in 2013, and most recently secured a  one-sided unanimous decision victory against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on May 6.

Golovkin hasn't lost a match, and he last fought in March to retain his belts, and undefeated record as he earned a unanimous decision victory against Daniel Jacobs.

These fighters have seemingly fought all comers, as legitimately as you could say that in the boxing community.

Golovkin's last five opponents have a combined record of 139-4.  His opponents:  Jacobs, Brook, Wade, Lemieux, and Monroe Jr.  GGG currently has 18 defenses, and is looking to close in on the record held by Bernard Hopkins of 20 title defenses.

Alvarez's last five opponents have a combined record of 176-10-2.  His opponents: Chaves Jr., Smith, Khan, Cotto, and Kirkland.

With all the hype of mixed martial arts these days, and how it seems to be moving into the main stream, as boxing moves out.  (MMA has several television shows, to include networks like Spike and Fox here in the US) it will be extremely important for this fight to provide us with some old school boxing entertainment, entertainment we missed out on with the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.

September 16th of 2017 should provide not only boxing fans, but all sports enthusiasts with some of the best sports entertainment in the world.  It will also bring boxing back to the marginal fan, and at least for a time, allow boxing to relieve a glory day that seems to be slipping away.

Check out a few of their Highlight punches below, and then give our Facebook page a like.  Ground Zero Sports on Facebook!

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Keto Diet – Do diets really work?

Keto Diet

Do diets really work?


Do diets really work?  Of course they do.  That is why millions and millions of dollars are spent developing and selling them, but ...

In almost every diet, it really comes down to the discipline and desire of the individual to actually FOLLOW the diet.  Many of us jump from one diet to another, and as we go from here to there, we jump right into a big ole bowl of ice cream and a bag of chips.

There are a lot of reasons we stop a diet, number one is probably just lack of desire.  The big question is, how do we fix that?  Well, the answer to that question isn't necessarily as mistifing as you might actually think.  We have all see people lose weight, your friend at church, the lady that sits across from you at work, so why does their diet work, why are they able to stick to their diet?  Well, I will give it to you, they have self control, but above that, they have found a diet that mentally they are able to get behind, and therefore, they are much more likely to have that self control.

So, does the Keto Diet work?  Sure it does.  The Keto diet has been around in some form or fashion since the early 1920's.  A ketogenic diet is a diet that forces the body into a process called ketosis, whereby fats are burned instead of carbohydrates for use as energy. A proper ketogenic diet calls for you to eat higher amounts of fat, get just enough protein, and and keep a low amount of carbohydrates. Our bodies are used to turning carbohydrates into glucose to send all over the body as energy. When we enter ketosis by sufficiently limiting our carbohydrate intake, our livers start breaking down fat cells into fatty acids and ketones, to be used as energy.

Just like most diets, it really comes down to managing intake.  Burn more than you send in, but do it in a healthy sustaining manner.

Now, guess what, remember when we were talking about self-control?  Welcome to a diet that is actually pretty good.  Welcome to a diet that gives you real choices with real food.  When you have a diet that gives you some quality options, you can be the guy that has the energy to go to they gym.  You can be the lady at church that everyone is talking about!

Take a look at our Keto plan, and make a decision for you.  We have included TONS of extras!  This guide will give you all the information you need, for less than the price of a book at Barnes and Nobles.  Because, on the list of things that suck about diets, right behind not losing weight, is losing money on books and food that didn't do the trick.

This is not a gimmick diet, or a lose 25lbs in a week.  This is a real diet, that can provide real results!

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NCAAF – College Football – Plastic Fruit

NCAAF - College Football

Plastic Fruit

You ever walk into a kitchen or a waiting room and see this nice beautiful bowl of fruit.  Makes you just want to reach down, grab an apple, and take a big bite, but when you go to pick it up, you find out it's hollow, fake and it was all really just a big scam.

The beginning of every college football season seems to start the same way.  The hacks in the media get us all hyped up about this team  or that team, and then when we see them in action, we are down one t.v., and assigned to one week in the dog house due to our actions on Saturday afternoon.

Well, now that we got a couple weeks under our belt, let's take a look at which fruit is which,  good fruit or fake fruit.

Let's start with the good ole Texas Longhorns!  Tom Herman came over from Houston, and all of a sudden, there was an excitement and buzz around the Longhorns that hadn't really been legitimate since the last couple of seasons of the Mack Brown era, and that can be debated.  Well, it only took a week one loss to Maryland to wipe away all the hope, and designate Texas back to the dregs of the Big 12.  Sure, they bounced back with a 56-0 win over SJSU, but let's call an apple an apple, and this one is hollow inside.  Texas will be good, but I don't think we are looking at a top 25 team, much less a top 10 team that some of the sports outlets were trying to make us believe.

It is still a bit early in the season to make a judgement call on too many teams, but Alabama, Clemson, Washington, and Michigan seem to be right about in line.  That's not to say they are the best, but they are holding true to what we thought they could do.

Now, on to that one piece, that you really thought was real.  That one apple that looked so good, you literally grabbed it out and thought yea, I am gonna rub it off with my shirt and it's going to taste like a remember a nice sweet apple.  Ohio State.  Well, some said they saw signs during week one, but then again everyone says that.  Ohio is in a state of frenzy just a day after an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners.  It seems as though Ohio State would just reload and redo, and with a host of returning players, we were made to believe that they were an automatic bid to the playoff.  Now, I don't want to over react, and yes they got the loss out of the way early, but the Big 10 is going to offer up some stiff competition this year, and if the Buckeyes want to be a part of the playoff, it's going to be an uphill climb.  And as far as that fruit, when you picked it up and took a bite, you got a big mouth full of Boomer Sooner!

It's still very early in the season, and as far as the rest of the top 25, it's hard to pick out the real fruit from the fake fruit.  We will have to get a little closer to the bowl before we make too many more judgement calls.

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The Blade Runner Returns – 2019 to 2049 – Updated Trailers

The Blade Runner Returns -

2019 to 2049


How do you replace Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer?  If you really don't know why I am starting off asking that question, don't worry, I have included a small video of the original 1982 Blade Runner that starred the dynamic pair.  But really, how do you replace them?  Well, you start by bringing one of them back.

Harrison Ford will co-star in this sequel to the 1982 version set in 2019, and return as the original 'Blade Runner' that was assigned to eliminate 'replicants'.   First, though, he must be searched out by fellow actor Ryan Gosling, playing an active LAPD Officer, 'K'.  Officer 'K' has dug up some interesting information, and decides that Rick Deckard is the only one that might be able to shed some light on his new findings.

Back in 1982, Blade Runner was on the front edge of movies moving from just filming to movies including CGI.  Not to mention the 'replicant' or cyborg concept.  Now these things are standard fair in our movies.  But, the thought of another Blade Runner is still extremely exciting, and there is plenty that was left from the original to provide a compelling, suspenseful, and action packed movie.

I'm a Harrison Ford fan, so I will be there.  I hope my expectations aren't too high!

Check out the Trailers below, then leave a comment, tell me what you think.

Check out our other upcoming movie reviews and trailers, and then check out the other blogs and the rest of the website.

The Original from 1982

And, of course, the Latest!

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Hot Snacks – What is the SPICIEST!

Hot Snacks

What is the SPICIEST!


What makes us so fascinated by HOT!  We like Hot Wings, Hot Sauce, Hot Peppers, Hot Chips, Hot Gumbo, Hot Scampi … oh, wait, I think I trailed off into the land of Forest Gump, but you get the picture.  Some like it HOT!

I happened to be one of those people, so when I saw this video come across my feed, I had to check it out.  What is the hottest snack.  When you head into 7-Eleven, and grab a Mountain Dew, what snack do you grab.

Well, these guys from Good Mythical Morning are going to break it down for you.

I must admit, my favorite hot chips are the Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos … I don’t think they made it on the list of the Hottest Snacks!

Let me know what you think!

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McGregor Vs. Mayweather – My 2 Cent Recap!


McGregor Vs. Mayweather

My 2 Cent Recap!


Ok, I can’t help it, why not ride the wave and give my 2 cents.  I think this fight plays out different depending on your age.  If you’re 30 maybe 35 or older, you saw one thing, and if you are younger, you saw something else.

I will be honest, I literally thought I was watching the final fight scene from Rocky III.  There’s Rocky, just letting Clubber Lang burn out, and then, Rocky starts putting in the work.

I believe Mayweather understood that the only way McGregor wins is with a punch, Conor had a ‘punchers chance’, and that was it.  Mayweather got in there, protected himself, burned McGregor out a bit, and when Floyd felt he was out of danger, he began to pick McGregor apart.

The rules prevented a standing 8 count, and at the point of the stoppage, it was continuing to get worse and worse for McGregor.  I think the American/World audience saw more than enough to know that, confined in its rule base, the sweet science takes a life to master.  Some have natural ability, but it still takes desire and practice.

And for those that say, well if it was MMA – yea, it wasn’t, and yea we already knew that.  That’s dumb, it was boxing, and anyone that gave Conor more than a ‘punchers chance’, well, maybe the ref let one of their fights go a little too long.

Enjoy the highlights below, and thanks for reading.  Leave me a comment if you got something to say!!

Dallas Cowboys Clearance

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    I’ve always wondered why people are so comfortable spending $2 to $5 dollars a day for a Monster Energy Drink, or a 5hr Energy shot when a healthy alternative is not only cheaper, but works better, and is better for you.

People always ask me, “How are you doing?”, and I instinctively answer, “Great!”  Why, you ask, it’s because I actually am feeling great.

It’s products like Pure Lift, that help me get through the day with 6 hours or less of sleep, and allow me to maintain my energy and mood levels though out my busy schedule.

My change came when I got tired of feeling tired, and not only that, I started gaining weight from the MASSIVE amounts of sugar I was consuming from Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks.  It’s the same rhetoric you have heard a million times before, so why aren’t you making a change?

Pure Lift is a refreshing alternative to soda and energy drinks with a proprietary blend of B vitamins, maqui berry, antioxidant vitamin C, and natural caffeine (green coffee extract).  Pure Lift comes in small packets that makes it easy to take with you whether you’re headed to work or headed to the gym.

It’s time, stop filling yourself full of sugars and chemicals, and get with a system that keeps you energized and motivated all day long.   If you need a little more motivation, watch the video, then click the link below for more details and secure ordering information for healthy energy.

Pure Lift


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Dancing On My Own – Pentatonix (Robyn Cover) – Listen!

Dancing On My Own

Pentatonix (Robyn Cover)


The Pentatonix just laid down another great cover that you have to listen to!   This vocal group has taken their followers through time with their variation of covers that they have chosen to do, and this one is no different.

The group — Kevin Olusola, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi and Just Jared  — delivered an amazing cover of Robyn's “Dancing On My Own”. Kevin plays the cello in this one, but the group is known for its voices!

Here is the message they included with the video I have posted below!

We just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your ongoing love and support. It means the world to all of us! “Dancing On My Own” is one of our favorite songs (by Robyn who is one of our favorite artists) and we’re so very proud to share it with you. We hope you love it as much as we do and we’re excited to share new music (and more) with you very, very soon. We love you!


Check out their newest release, and one of my favorites, and let me know what you think!

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